Woman Runleashed began as a place to share my experiences and thoughts with runners like me and my run bff out there; the moms, the working ladies, the women trying too hard to get a run in before dinner but after homework or before it’s murder-o’clock on the trails. I’m not an “elite” runner, but I’m occasionally a situational elitist – that’s totally the same thing, right?

If you’re tired of the saccharine tones of the articles that tell you about the affordable new “must-haves” (that cost $500) or the too-perfect geared-toward-women articles on social media (that always end with men getting confused about how it’s different for us), pull up a chair and welcome!

Parental advisory: explicit lyrics, viewer discretion is advised. If you’re hoping for Martha Stewart in Saucony you’ll be sadly disappointed; on the other hand, if you’ve wondered where your female Joe Pesci-in-Goodfellas has been hiding, well – make yourself at home. This is all real, this is running – this is Woman Runleashed.