(I) Lie to Me

Basically, I’m a giant liar…to MYSELF. I enable myself to make terrible decisions when I’m running. Stay with me, because I think you’ll feel me here. Today was a really sunny, beautiful day – and although I ended up with most of the state’s pollen in my sinuses, a perfect run-day. I am working toward my fall half marathon, with my PT recommending that I cap my runs around the 5-6 mile mark until I start my 12 week training this summer, to reduce the risk of any overuse injuries.

What am I rehabbing? Glad you asked. The world’s DUMBEST issues, my friends – it’s the only kind I get. I don’t get the cool runner issues or the ones that make sense – like IT band or knee issues. No, my ilear crest hates me. Ever heard of that? It’s a “bridge” of tissue that wraps up across your hip and around your core. Yours is working just fine, I promise. Mine was not – my left side was weaker, so my right ilear crest tightened to the point that at its worst I could barely move without wanting to punch my ilear crest in the face (which is also my face). Slowly, and with deliberate pretzel-like stretching, my PT was able to restore movement and mobility. I started doing core work and shored up my dirty weak left side. I returned to running and distance one ‘hood driveway at a time. The most I’ve done is 7 miles (and that is not without a stern look from my PT).

So today was going to be a gentle frolic outside, and I was going to do about 3-4 miles and then a longer run tomorrow (which in itself is an experiment – normally I do not run two days in a row). As I hit the 2 mile mark knowing that I’d have 4 miles total (on the round trip), I thought, well I already car-trip odometered this route, and if I make it to the stop sign past the park it’ll be 2.5 miles for a nice round 5 total! Total enabler. Basically, I’m the person giving beer to the person who just fell off the wagon – only the beer is miles and the wagon is good running choices.

I didn’t pull any hammies, or break anything, or wound myself – so it was still a successful outing. I just find it funny that I lie to myself about how far I’ll go and then talk myself into why running ‘just one more mile’ is totally fine – even though at the house I give myself a stern lecture about sticking with my original plan. I’m planning to eat one piece of pie and then go back for seconds.

Tomorrow, though I am for sure, 100% absolutely sticking to my run plan. Probably.



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