Sunday Funday Runday

I started a running blog about six months ago, and by started, I mean I picked out the theme and chose a title, and fiddled around with images and then didn’t write much more than two posts that were utter drivel (if I do say so, and I do). Writing is like anything else – the longer you don’t practice, the more likely you are to crash into the mailbox. It’s a bicycle metaphor. Never mind. I wasn’t writing like me; rather, I was writing like me if I’d taken some cold & flu medication and channeled the spirit of Miss Manners. It wasn’t true to my style or my substance and that business is going to stop here and now.

Brining us to yesterday. Yesterday my bff and I were out on a nice 7 miler (originally supposed to be a 6 miler but I have terrible math skills and she wanted to run through a park) and she said that this should be my mission. We both read all the Runner’s assorted stuff. Pick your poison: Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Underwater Basket Running – whatever. She felt like I have a lot to say about our general experience and she knows my day-to-day as a frustrated writer. I’m frustrated, but not always a writer.

Unbeknownst to her (and we need to get this straight off the bat, I use words like that. You will have to deal with copious amounts of thesaurus words, song lyrics, mob movie lines, and hip hop slang) I had already been bandying about the idea of either writing some new stuff or just scrapping the old/new blog and starting over. I went with plan II.

So thanks to her, I am here. And really, thanks to you, CH love ya – you know who you are and since I’ll soon be famous and wealthy (as all good internet writers are) I don’t want to use your name and have stalkers show up at your house (also because it’s near my house).

Why another running blog? Doesn’t the internet have enough of those? Well, first of all the internet has enough of everything, technically – what it may not have enough of it QUALITY or even a slice of reality. And keep it real I most certainly will (I’m going to need you to think of that in the Negan voice from Walking Dead). The bottom line is that if you’re a runner, a real runner (as literally anyone who runs is), you’ll recognize the false and utter eye-rolling tones used in so many articles about running.

As women, do we really need anything else making us feel less: coordinated, pretty, fast, athletic, put together, good, talented, smart? No. I submit to you that I am slow, uncoordinated, not particularly suited to run in literally any capacity (currently enjoying month 9 in physical therapy because my body hates me), but that’s my whole point. I’m bringing that to you – the real side of running. The good the bad AND the ugly. The blisters that I get even with $16 a pair run socks (and despite well-intentioned advice from some total stranger on Facebook, because really, what don’t they know!), the fact that if I don’t stop to pee at least once something is seriously wrong with the universe, my major stomach issues (becauses it also hates me), my reliance on my pepper spray glove to fend off the anxiety that rapist-murderers lurk behind trees on the park trails/on the road, and anything else that strikes me.

I won’t dress it up in marketing and gloss and shiny stock photos. You’re out there, or maybe you’re not – but I’m out there. This is what I do now, and if I told younger me that, like even…say…25 year old me that, I’d probably punch myself in the face because running was not a thing I did, ever. Now I do and it’s that simple – I do and I will and writing is something I’ve always done and for those two to merge is not only logical, it’s only illogical if they don’t.

So follow me on my journey – which seriously, send your hate mail to the last 10 years of physical fitness television for that cliche. My running isn’t really a journey, it’s just as much my life as my unruly hair or my stubborn fascia lata (which my PT swears is really a body part). I’ll lead you follow – (but I’ll totally let you pass because my pace isn’t that fast).


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  1. ha, same thing happened to me, you’ll work out your rust in no time! Great name!


    1. samrunleashed says:

      Thanks! I hope so – glad I’m not the only one who was rusty for awhile! 🙂


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